Our scope of services:

At Jeffs Home and Lawn Maintenance, you will receive professional support for all services provided. We will gladly take care of your concerns.


Our work always meets the highest quality requirements.

Our areas of focus

Spring Clean Up:


Clean up all the leftover leaves and branches that have accumulated in your yard over the winter. Blow out flower/mulched beds. Making your entire yard look its best.


Benefits of Proper Mulching

  • Helps maintain soil moisture.
  • Helps control weeds.
  • Keeps soil warm in winter and cool in the summer.
  • Prevents certain plant diseases.
  • Gives planting beds a uniform, well-cared-for look.

Edgeding Beds:

Beds should be edged in the spring or as needed. The edge will provide a barrier to the grass and weeds and for containing mulch.


Organinc Fertilizer:


Beautify your lawn with organic 4-stage natural fertilizer.

Organic fertilizer used is a premium all-purpose fertilizer developed to provide
you a safe, natural way to fertilize lawns, gardens, trees and shrubs.

  • Safe for children and pets
  • Better for our environment
  • Clean and pleasant smelling

The 4-Stage fertilizer is geared for the northeast for a better effect.

Maintaining Trees and Shrubs:


Keeping hedges neat and tidy also stimulates bud production near the plants' edges. But as buds multiply, a shrub can get so thick that sunlight can't penetrate it, preventing interior growth.

The result: a hedge that gets larger each year and looks lifeless inside. Proper pruning allows some sunlight to get in and enables cutting back the shrub so they don't get too big.

Lawn Mowing:


Mowing is one of the most important practices performed in lawn maintenance.
Regardless of whether the lawn is fertilized or receives applications of control
products, proper mowing practices are essential if a high quality lawn is to
develop. Properly mowed lawns will have fewer weed populations, better moisture
stress tolerance and generally better quality than lawns not properly mowed.

Lawn Sweeping:

  • Lawn sweeping services are offered to have your lawn cleaned of all sand or debris that may have accumulated over the winter months


  • Removes the layer of dead grass covering your lawn. This allows the roots to breath and get the nutrients needed for a thicker and greener lawn.


  • A great way to get your lawn ready for the summer.

Fall Clean up:


Remove leaves from your property or blow into woods. Pick up sticks, pine cones and small debris. Blow out flower beds and around shrubs.



Curbside leaf pick up also available.

Snow Plowing and Snow Removal:


Snow plow commercial parking lots.


Snow removal off property also available