Organic Fertilizer

Beautify your lawn with organic 4-stage natural fertilizer.


Organic fertilizer used is a premium all-purpose fertilizer developed to provide
you a safe, natural way to fertilize lawns, gardens, trees and shrubs.


  • Safe for children and pets
  • Better for our environment
  • Clean and pleasant smelling 


The 4-Stage fertilizer is geared for the northeast for a better effect. The program is made up of four fertilizers that each have a specific function.


Stage-1 is great for early spring green-up

  Applied in early spring (March 15 - April 30) before the forsythia blossoms drop in your area.


Stage-2 promotes root development

  Applied mid May to late June (May 15 - June 30) to control broadleaf weeds.


Stage-3 supports turf growth and root development

  Applied early August to mid September (August 1 - September 15) This is an excellent time to seed bare areas


Stage-4 helps prepare for winter hardiness

  Applied mid/late September to late October (September 15 - October 30) after the leaves have been raked off and you have the lawn mowed for the last time.