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Our Goal is to bring your vision to life.

Make your entire yard look its best !

At Jeffs Home and Lawn Maintenance, we understand the power of well-designed and a beautifully maintained landscape. Carefully scheduled maintenance keeps your property in peak condition throughout the year, perserving your investment.


We strive to provide you with the expert services you need to help
make your lawn reflect its true beauty.


Jeffs Home and Lawn Maintenance is a professional landscape business that services the Litchfield and Hartford counties of Connecticut.



Spring Clean Up:


Clean up all the leftover leaves and branches that have accumulated in your yard over the winter. Blow out flower/mulched beds. Making your entire yard look its best.

Maintaining Trees and Shrubs:


Keeping hedges neat and tidy also stimulates bud production near the plants' edges. But as buds multiply, a shrub can get so thick that sunlight can't penetrate it, preventing interior growth.

The result: a hedge that gets larger each year and looks lifeless inside. Proper pruning allows some sunlight to get in and enables cutting back the shrub so they don't get too big.




What we offer

Our scope of services includes residential & commercial.

Our scope of services

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